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GUREAK, Gipuzkoako lehiakortasunaren dimentsio kulturalaren erreferentea

GUREAK, referente de la dimensión cultural de la competitividad en Gipuzkoa

 Mintegiaren helburua ALC-k EMUNekin lankidetzan Gureak taldeari buruz egindako ikerketa partekatzea da.Edukiera-muga dela eta, gonbidapenak ez du erreserba bermatzen. Martxoaren 19a baino lehen eman izena, mesedez (eserlekua martxoaren 22an baieztatuko da posta elektronikoz).

El objetivo de este seminario es compartir la investigación realizada por ALC en colaboración con EMUN sobre el grupo GUREAK.Debido a las limitaciones de aforo la invitación no garantiza la reserva. Se ruega confirmación para el 19 de marzo (la plaza se confirmará por email el 22 de marzo
   Centro Ignacio María Barriola Martxoaren 24an  / 24 de marzoPrograma GONBIDAPENA ESKATU – SOLICITUD DE INVITACIÓN 

Narratives for the new “commons”

Ce cahier est le premier de cinq numéros replongeant dans la série «Aménager : expérience et innovation d’un quartier» en compagnie des chercheur·euse·s et praticien·ne·s qui y ont participé, dont Richard Shearmur (CRIEM / U. McGill), Pauline Butiaux (Manœuvres), Gorka Espiau (Centre Agirre Lehendakaria) et Jonathan Cha (AAPQ). // This notebook is the first of five looking back on the “Shaping Neighbourhoods: Experience and Innovation” series with participating researchers and practitioners, including Richard Shearmur (CIRM / McGill U.), Pauline Butiaux (Manœuvres), Gorka Espiau (Agirre Lehendakaria Center), and Jonathan Cha (AAPQ).

La gran transición

Conversamos sobre qué está pasando en el mundo alrededor de las principales transiciones iniciadas o pendientes, y cómo podemos acelerarlas. Preguntas que la aparición de la COVID-19 ha hecho aun más relevantes, ya que, si bien su aparición ha magnificado los retos sociales, también está acelerando muchos cambios hasta hace poco impensables. Proyecto impulsado por UpSocial

Do national governments matter anymore?

About the event

It is increasingly common to hear that the scope and influence of national governments and the central state are reducing. In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, the authorities and capacities of different levels of governance (from supranational to local) to respond have been put under the spotlight. In some places, national authorities have never been able to exercise effective influence, and local systems and structures have always held sway. In others, the locus of innovation and change for societies has emerged from local coalitions.

The aim of this event is to explore these dynamics and strengthen our understanding of governance beyond the center – particularly at the sub-national level. The session will explore the regulatory systems, networks and incentive structures that underpin the roles and responsibilities of actors at different levels and impact governance processes and policy outcomes. In this context, we will interrogate UNDP’s role as a multilateral institution, examining how we are navigating these changing governance dynamics and how the organization might strengthen inclusive and responsive multilevel governance systems in its future governance offer.


Ana Patricia Graça, UN Resident Coordinator, Cape Verde

Gabe Ferrazzi, Adjunct Professor, University of Guelph

Gorka Espiau, Managing Director, Agirre Lehendakaria Center

José María Marín, Senior Program Officer, Open Government Partnership (OGP) Local

Amita Gill, Team Leader, Core Government Functions and Local Governance, Crisis Bureau, UNDP

Moderation and opening remarks by Sarah Lister, Head of Governance, Bureau for Policy and Programme Support, UNDP

Brief presentations will be followed by a substantive Q&A.

About the Future of Governance series

The Future of Governance consultation series is a three-month initiative aimed at exploring the state of social contracts in different settings. It is a convening space where the multitude of conversations on the future of governance across the organization can come together with the aim of building a shared narrative for UNDP’s governance priorities. The series – hosted on Spark Blue allows for colleagues from across the organization, and invited external participants to discuss thematic questions, showcase insights and expertise and reflect on what has worked well (and what has not) throughout the current Strategic Plan.