>Lessons in social enterprise from the Basque country

Randeep Ramesh, The Guardian´s Social Affairs Editor has recently published this article about Hiriko and Bilbao´s Social Innovation Park. This newspaper was the first one to write about this project in 2009.

>Global Thanks!

We have had the privilege to host during the last few days the Inaugural Pathfinder seminar of the Global Innovation Academy. I want to say thank you to the Young Foundation team (Andrea Coleman, Geoff Mulgan, Rushanara Ali, Chynthia Shanmugalingam, Louise Pulford and Robert Patrick), to the amazing guest speakers: Charlie Leadbeater, Bryan Boyer, Juan Ignacio Vidarte, Will Lark, Antonio Cancelo and specially to the participants: Sacha Van Togeren, Sabine Wildevuur, Daniela Deuber, Eva Engquist, Girish Muzumdar, Frank Boystin, Jacqueline Loh, Jacob Urup Nielsen, Jussi Sorsimo, Peter Fredriksson, Karl Mallin, Laura Bunt, Ricard Valls, Miquel Miró, Javier Martin Cavanna, Juho-Kusti Kahander, Andrew Barnett, Roberto Nuño, Naiara Artaza, Alfonso Martinez Cearra and Ziortza Etxabe.

Your comments and proposals will make our projects stronger. I really hope it was also interesting and useful for all of you.