>Thank you Louise

This is a very flattering post published by Louise Pulford, the coordinator of Social Innovation Exchange at the Young Foundation about the Social Innovation Park that DenokInn is promoting in Bilbao.


>Basque Fab Lab as a case study

The International Network of Fab Labs, the Digital Fabrication Laboratories created by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology is celebrating their 6th annual conference in Amsterdam this week. There are already about 50 of this revolutionary laboratories around the world but Neil Gershenfeld decided to present our lab as a case study. You can find here all the information about this event.

>Volkswagen likes Hiriko

Yesterday we were in Berlin invited by Volkswagen´s sister company Carmeq to present the Hiriko project to VW Senior Staff. As you can see in the picture, Dr. Volkmar Tannenberg, Volkswagen Executive Director of Electric and Electronic Development was really interested listening to Retro´s details about the car. Representatives of the big electric german companies and Stefan Gulas, the inventor of the incredible Erockit electric bike were also there. Thank you everybody.