“Beyond Silicon Valley. Can Asian countries develop an Alternative Innovation Narrative?”

RIC Webinar Series March 2019
8ddeacx0sxoqewpji3rldw_thumb_41fFeatured Speakers and Organizations:

Vicky Xie, Global Cooperation Director – Shenzhen Open Innovation Lab
David Li, Founder – Shenzhen Open Innovation Lab
Gorka Espiau Idoiaga, Senior Fellow – Agirre Center for Social and Political Studies

LIVE ZOOM LINK TO JOIN: https://undp-rbap.zoom.us/j/516098868 

Date: Week of March 11
Time: 2pm Bangkok (75 mins; session presentations + Q+A)

Overview/Goal: a reflection on the experience in Basque and Shenzhen that explores very different model to do innovation, that builds on the strengths of the specific contexts.

Starting Point/ Framing Questions:

1- How did these models come to be, why in these particular places and at this particular time, and what can these experience suggest to other countries interested in developing their own innovation ecosystem (but without doing copy and paste from the Valley?)

2- What are some of the emergent trends that are on the horizon? What are the game changing features of tech or social dynamics that are influencing the direction in how society is evolving in the innovation space

More About:

Shenzhen Open Innovation Experience: https://app.additor.io/p/w6JjNDkS
Agirre Lehendakaria Center: located in the Basque region, they have devoted the last 10 years of their practice (and research) on answering the question of why the innovation ecosystem in Bilbao developed they way it did, and why in that particular part of the world. More- https://meetingoftheminds.org/basque-transformational-narratives-21585

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