Beyond Imagination. A Social Innovation Europe


Social Innovation Community has organized a final event named “Beyond Imagination: A socially innovative Europe” that will be held on 12-13 November in Seville, Spain. Together, we will celebrate the achievements of the past decade, imagine the way a new future for a socially innovative Europe, and develop practical ways to achieve this new future together. Key questions to be explored including:

  • What does it take to design the future we want?
  • How can we use more experimentation and participatory learning approaches?
  • What is the role of research and technology in Social Innovation?
  • How the #SIDeclaration can influence future policy?
  • How do we need to work differently in order to tackle the challenges ahead?

This is the agenda for the second day, when I will be discussing with really interesting colleagues about the need for better impact:


0830 | Registration

0900 | Turning imagination into reality

  • Justyna Król, Urban Workshop, Poland
  • Martha Giannakopoulou Architect (Urban Design) / Urban Consultant Athens Municipality, Greece

0930 | Introducing the #SIDeclaration    Led by Nesta

  • Agnes Hubert, G5+, Belgium
  • Phil Martin, European Commission, Belgium
  • Marija Babovic, EAPN, Serbia
  • Luigi Martignetti, REVES, Belgium

1015 | Refreshment break

1045 | From reimagining the future to co-creating it

Parallel breakout sessions interrogating the #SIDeclaration

As part of Europe’s social innovation community, what role do participants have in realising the vision set out in the #SIDeclaration

  • Growing the visibility and impact of Europe’s social innovation community
  • Realising the power of social innovation in driving Local and Urban Development
  • Public sector as a key enabler of social innovation
  • Research as a critical driver of social innovation transformation
  • Funding and investing social innovation projects, services and products
  • Harnessing the digital revolution for social innovation

1215 | Refreshment break

1245 | Reconnecting the silos

1315 | Why are still not making the impact we need? What is getting in the way                       – Final provocation

1415 | SIC Final Remarks

1430 | Programme ends


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