Listening to social transformation in Montreal

Are you involved in participatory, ethnographic or narrative research on Montreal´s assets and challenges? Interested in listening in ways that enable wider and deeper understanding of each other and that advance collective action in our city?

DAY 1: Share and reflect on our listening processes and strategies for the social transformation of Montreal.
You are invited to a day to share observations and insights and pool our knowledge, expertise and experiences about listening strategies, participatory practices and research and Montreal narratives.

What are you working on now, and what do you dream of accomplishing?
Where are tensions points and power dynamics in existing narratives that carry the potential for transformation?
What are some possible synergies and existing networks?
What could help us improve our working methodologies and translate from listening to action?
What collective questions are emerging?
When: Friday, March 24th, from 9AM to 4PM (lunch included)
Where: Faculty Club, McGill University
Register by Friday, March 17th (limited space available)
At the end of day join us for a  Listening Platform activity during la Nuit des débats. Everyone is welcome. Bring a friend.Let’s learn from each other and strengthen our Montréal listening culture.

DAY 2: Co-create a platform for the synergy of listening and action in Montreal.
Listening processes and opportunities can be transformative for actions, projects and policies.

Are you called by the idea of a shared infrastructure that can amplify Montreal listening activities? Come give shape to a new social infrastructure for transformative listening in Montreal

How can we mutually strengthen our listening instruments and methods?
What are some key listening channels and opportunities?
How can a common infrastructure facilitate and strengthen our work and its impact?
How can the infrastructure be self-organising?
What type of governance is best adapted to this collective infrastructure?

When: Friday, March 31st, from 8.30 AM to 1 PM (working lunch included)
Where: Faculty Club, McGill University
Register by Friday, March 17th (limited space available)

Let’s co-create a platform for listening and social transformation in Montreal!

Register here.

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