Social Manufacturing

Social manufacturing is a new emerging field that connects advance manufacturing with social innovation. In practical terms, social manufacturing implies (1) manufacturing with social impact (Mondragon Corporation), (2) redesigning the supply chain from a  sustainable human development perspective (Fairphone), (3) enabling distributed and open source manufacturing for the democratisation of wealth and the reduction of carbon footprint (Makers movement, Open desk, wiki house) (4) manufacturing new connected things and people (Wearables and Arduino) and (5) reinventing the Factories of the Future (social innovation at the workplace).

Our message is Don’t waste your money. Despite all institutional support, traditional manufacturing will never come back as it was.  The Re-industrialization of Europe and the world requires a more disruptive approach: new collaborative and open institutions to manufacture with social impact, redesigning the supply chains and management principles, enabling distribute and open source manufacturing, designing new connected things and reinventing the Factories of the Future.FAIRPHONE_CostBreakdown_150dpi_130913

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