How to create a sharing platter

I am very proud to take part in this URBACT event next Friday in London.
 How to create a sharing platter: Food, social innovation and collaboration across Europe.
Across Europe, cities face similar economic, social and environmental challenges. We need new ideas and collaborative models to address these, in order to optimise our resources. We also need better ways to share solutions and learn from one another. This international session will explore the role of food in stimulating innovation and collaboration. It will draw on experience from the EU URBACT Programme, which provides a platform for European cities to collaborate on shared problems. We will share stories from the Netherlands, Sweden and the Basque Country, illustrating how food is connecting partners and stimulating cross sector working.

The Unusual Suspects Festival is a four-day festival that will blend international expertise and innovation with local thinking and practice from across the UK and feature a collection of interlinked events that will draw out the ways in which collaboration and social innovation can work in sync and ask how this can help address some of the most difficult issues we face in society today. The Festival will take place in London during September 2-5, 2014 and is curated by the Social Innovation ExchangeCollaborate and The Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation. For more information on the Festival including the events on offer, please see our website.



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