Social Innovation Competition Awards Ceremony

If you want to join us to celebrate the 3 winners of the Second European Social Innovation Competition, register your attendance request by clicking HERE. The Ceremony will take place at Arsenal, a former military headquarters turned into a conference facility (Chaussée de Wavre 950, 1040 Brussels). The venue is easily accessible by metro (Station Pétillon, Line 5) and by car (five-minute drive from the European district). The event is expected to start at 14.30 and close at 18.30, with lunch before and cocktail afterwards – consult the programme.

The Ceremony will mark the culmination of the Competition. From the 1,254 entries received to tackle the Job Challenge, the European Commission will award the 3 best ideas with a prize of €30,000 each from the 10 finalists which have been selected. Last year prizes were awarded by President Barroso. This year they will presented by Antonio Tajani, Vice-President of the European Commission in charge of Enterprise and Industry.

The event will provide a unique occasion to meet not only the finalists and winners, but all 30 semi-finalists of the Competition, to learn about their ideas, to advise on the problems they face and – why not? – to offer your support.

The Ceremony will conclude 2 days dedicated to social innovation in Brussels. On 19 May and 20 May (morning) the Commission is organising a Social Policy Innovation Conference to present the new Employment and Social Innovation programme and to explore ways to translate social innovation into systemic change.

This is the spirit of the Declaration on social entrepreneurship adopted this year in Strasbourg and this was the goal of Diogo Vasconcelos, to whom this Competition pays tribute.

One thought on “Social Innovation Competition Awards Ceremony

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