NESTA predicts more Social Innovation Parks

NESTA (the British Innovation Agency) has published its Social Innovation predictions for 2013. They claim to have published pretty good 12 predictions in 2012, and 13 are ready for 2013. One of them has been elaborated by Adam Price under the title “The Social Science Park” foreseeing that Universities will build new pipelines of public innovation. One of the examples mentioned in the article is Bilbao Social Innovation Park. “If policy labs are the XEROX PARC of social innovation, where is its Silicon Valley? The Basque Country thinks it has the answer and is building Europe’s first Social Innovation Park in Bilbao. SiPark aims to become home to a thousand problem-solvers working across the public, private and social enterprise sectors on socially useful and usable ideas. What this ambitious EU-baked project lacks perhaps is the hard-wired link to universities at the core of the science park concept.” I totally agree with him.nesta_logo

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