>The Global Innovation Academy in Bilbao

>The Global Innovation Academy is a new and pioneering initiative of the Young Foundation developed in collaboration with the Rockefeller Foundation and many others around the world in the social innovation field. Its mission is to provide unique learning experiences to public servants, NGOs, foundations and businesses, in order to support the spread of effective social innovation methods that can tackle the most pressing global issues we face. The programme will be co-hosted by DenokInn, the Basque centre for innovation, entrepreneurship and new business development.

During an intensive three-day programme, participants will be immersed in a highly collaborative learning journey, designed to enable you to adapt and implement cutting-edge methods of social innovation in your respective contexts.

The programme will explore:

• How are practitioners and policy makers around the world applying promising new ideas to tackle ageing and care?
• How can we design policy so that social impact bonds can be applied in different contexts and to different problems?
• Where are the trends in social innovation now – and in the future?

Programme faculty include Geoff Mulgan—former head of policy to Prime Minister Tony Blair and Director of the Young Foundation; and Charlie Leadbeater— a leading authority on innovation and creativity.

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