>Intelligent City Forum

MIT-Media Lab, The London School of Economics Enterprise, InnoZ, DenokInn and Afypaida have met in Hiriko headquarters this week with the purpose of launching the Intelligent City Forum.

Recognising the need to promote and catalyse research-led, applied solutions for future sustainable cities, the partners have resolved this week to create this new tool as a global network of research collaboration, applied technology transfer and knowledge-exchange. ICC endeavours to jointly promote knowledge-exchange, policy development, technology piloting and research collaboration with regard to sustainable urban development, in particular with regard to sustainable mobility, urban renewable energy, and energy-efficient housing.

Carbon Care Asia, Fundación Metropoli, Idom, and many others are also exploring the possibility to become international partners of ICF.This is a picture of the meeting taken by Professor Kent Larson.

2 thoughts on “>Intelligent City Forum

  1. Anonymous says:

    >Buenos días, me gustaría saber si dispones de la información de contacto. Me refiero a si sabes dónde puedo escribir para contactar con los responsables del ICC, para poder llevar un proyecto con ellos. Me gustaría saber también, si sabes si se va a realizar alguna otra jornada como la de Vitoria, ya sea en España o en el extranjero.Muchísimas gracias por tu tiempo

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