>Filippo´s thoughts

Dear friends,

I’m flying back from Budapest where I’ve spent the last 3 days working with our member Barbara Erös of DemNet (Network for Democracy) and group of contacts developing joint actions in the next 18 months. Hungary will hold the European Presidency next year. The Hungarian group inspired me a reflection I would like to share with all of you. It might be interesting for next week discussion.

In 2008 Euclid Network made its entrance in Hungary running a large conference like the one in Madrid. Our partner was the third largest bank in the country but we didn’t have any strong partnership with NGOs. It was a success but without follow-up. The network didn’t develop at all in the country until we recently identified Barbara as our local champion. Since then she and her organisation DemNet have gathered a group of civil society/social economy leaders keen on exchanging with peers across borders and has facilitated the communication between the European network and the national group. Today the Hungarians are fully on board in European projects and the Euclid working group is a source of innovation in the country.

In our experince Euclid Network can be effective only if it develops a strong partnership with a local organisation. The local partner – an individual or organisation – coordinates members in the country and facilitates the flow of information, contacts and opportunities between the European and national levels. The members provide inputs, ideas and take part in specific initiatives.I hope next week meeting will help identify the partner and group of members to activate an effective collaboration with the European network and all its members. It would also useful to clarify which areas are of most interest for participants.

Together we can replicate the Hungarian story in Spain! See you next week.


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