>Hiriko in Berlin

On 27 May 2010 the Hiriko City Car, a foldable electric vehicle will be presented to the press in Germany for the first time. The fully-functional prototype will only be presented in Germany on this date. InnoZ, jointly with its partners LSE Enterprise, the knowledge transfer and advisory platform of the London School of Economics and the EUREF Institute Berlin, is advising the Hiriko consortium with regard to the testing and market entry of the Hiriko car in Germany.

The initial launch schedule seeks to initiate a wider strategy to position Hiriko in Germany and to develop pilot schemes, to promote initial fleet deployment and to pursue innovative roll-out initiatives in Germany, as well as to identify and to secure both public and commercial partners. As part of the initial launch presentations, InnoZ and EUREF Institute wish to jointly propose and agree a longer-term advisory project with Hiriko relating to the implementation of such a strategy.

In addition, a model of the Hiriko Car will presented to the general public at the Long Night of Science on 5 June on the EUREF Campus. The Long Night of Science is a major annual public science event in Berlin which sees over 80 universities, research institutions and science parks open their doors to the public over a Saturday evening and night. The EUREF campus and all its partners, including the EUREF Institute, InnoZ, BeMobility, Deutsche Bahn, Vattenfall, GASAG, Bosch, RWE and others will present a range of projects around the theme of renewable energy, intelligent city and sustainable mobility. The Hiriko model and audiovisual presentation will take centre stage in the transparent EUREF dome inside the historic Gasometer structure, along with an exhibition of green design projects undertaken by Berlin design students.