>Leading sustainably, leading innovatively


In the opening speech of the Spanish presidency of the EU the PM Zapatero stressed citizens want more Social Europe and room for engagement. This is a priority for the Spanish presidency. This is good news for third sector/social economy which has asked for such opportunity for far too long and multi-stakeholder action is necessary to tackles the consequences of the recession. After the global crisis it can’t be business as usual. Government and business can’t lead on their own leaving the sector at the margins distributing wealth in excess.The third sector is a bastion of rights and pluralism, and new source of citizens’ engagement, sustainable growth, employment and social innovation both locally and globally. However, its potentials can be fully expressed only taking a new role and work in partnership with the other stakeholders.

Social and Economic Council, Madrid, 10 May 2010

A conference organised by Euclid Network, with the support of

Denokinn and Daryl Upsal Consulting International

At this event we will gather third sector leaders from Spain and the rest of Europe together with peers from government, business and the EU to explore, in the morning, the new scenario and challenges the sector faces and how its leaders can work effectively in partnership with the other stakeholders. In the afternoon delegates will enjoy interactive sessions on governance and funding sharing their stories, engaging with each other and playing together. We want connect, inform, inspire all delegates to equip them with a new tool-set and encourage a 21st century mindset to lead more effectively.


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